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HIV Patients

Fertility Treatments for HIV/AIDS Patients

Every couple desires a child and this need does not differ for HIV patients. However, chances of conceiving naturally without HIV transmission is unheard of. Luckily, the medical field has excelled in inventing a new method for HIV patients to make their parenthood a reality. With the assistance of fertility treatments, HIV/AIDS couples can now become biological parents.

Fertility treatments for male HIV positive patients

We provide fertility treatments to male HIV positive patients such as ICSI treatment along with Sperm Washing method for a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery of your child.

Sperm Washing Method to lower HIV risk in baby

The sperm washing method begins with semen sample of the male partner with HIV. The obtained ejaculate is washed using centrifugation. This helps remove most of the seminal plasma fluids in the ejaculate. At the end of sperm washing, the minimum criteria of sperm quality are obtained in order to enhance the chances of pregnancy and only the processed semen samples resulting in negative results are used during further treatment.

The risk of HIV transmission in the baby or the uninfected mother using sperm washing reduces to less than 1%. To date, out of 284 HIV-ICSI cycles done, no cases of transmission have been reported.

ICSI for male HIV positive patients

IVF may be combined with a process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), in which a single sperm is placed directly inside an egg; because only a single sperm in a tiny fraction of fluid is used, some researchers think that sperm washing combined with ICSI carries the absolute lowest risk of HIV transmission.

Fertility treatment for female HIV positive patients

HIV positive female patients usually have blocked fallopian tubes, which makes it hard for fertilization to occur. It also promotes genital tract infections such as chlamydia or gonorrhea and menstrual issues. These symptoms show that the female is not ovulating and may have trouble getting pregnant.

IVF for female HIV patients

We provide fertility treatments for female HIV positive patients like antiretroviral treatment followed by In-vitro Fertilization to have a successful pregnancy.

When a female is HIV positive and her partner is negative, IVF is definitely an option to become pregnant as it does not promote physical contact between the couple while trying to conceive. Before starting IVF, the female is kept on antiretroviral treatment. Once the female partner is declared fit for carrying a pregnancy to full term, she is given fertility medications to induce ovulation (ovaries to release eggs). Once these eggs are obtained, they are stored in the laboratory for further use. Meanwhile, the male partner’s semen is extracted in a Petri dish and fused with the female’s eggs for fertilization. Finally, the resultant embryo is placed in the uterus of the female partner using a thin tube.

The risk of HIV transmission in the baby using IVF reduces to only a few percent.


Our partner Clinic International Fertility Centre has been at the forefront of fertility treatment and has successfully delivered 352 babies of HIV patients since its inception. They operate a separate lab for HIV procedures with an experienced team of doctors and embryologists.

If you are HIV positive and trying to conceive since more than a year, please fill in the contact details below. We will contact you shortly.